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PWL August Article: Are YOU the Danger?


It has been determined, from watching the rise in mass shooting incidents across the country, that the workplace can be a dangerous place. However, have you ever considered if you may be the cause of danger? It can be challenging to reflect and have the self-awareness to know if you may possess the characteristics that make you a dangerous person.

The August edition of Prince William Living magazine is available and Dr. Ricks has written an article that highlights this topic. Find the article here:

Take a look at the article and determine if you could pose a threat to the workplace. If so, good job on recognizing this fact. The next step is to seek assistance to determine how to minimize the likelihood that you will act on your thoughts and feelings. Contact your human resources department, union, employee assistance program, the local police, or other local assistance program designed to help. If you may be a threat to yourself, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by dialing 988.

If your team is seeking training or workshops to learn more about recognizing dangerous behaviors and increasing emotional intelligence in the workplace, contact SBR Workplace Leadership Services.



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