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Bullied At Work...

A Journey of Growth & Perseverance

This book provides a detailed story of the work experiences of Dr. Sabrina Brandon Ricks.  Dr. Ricks has worked for over 20 different organizations over a 20-year period.  She learned what workplace bullying was by experiencing these behaviors at three different organizations and completing her own research.  The details are provided in this journey.  You will read about her obstacles, struggles, perseverance, growth, development, and triumph as she dealt with challenges head on.  Additionally, there are nuggets of information provided about management and leadership, areas to stop and reflect with journaling and/or discussion, and assessments that will help you determine if you have experienced workplace bullying or if you are indeed a bully yourself.



Building Interpersonal Relationships

This session will equip attendees with the knowledge regarding how to build professional relationships in the workplace and why it is important.  The topics that will be highlighted throughout the session include:  defining interpersonal relationships, understanding the importance of building interpersonal relationships, understanding Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, understanding social involvement and diversity, and incorporating the tips provided in the workplace.

Building Interpersonal Relationships Adv


Overwhelmed To Organized

This session will equip attendees with the knowledge about how to recognize disorganization and determine how to re-calibrate in order to become more organized.  The topics that will be highlighted throughout the session include:  determining goals and priorities, determining how your attitude impacts your actions, increase their motivation levels, problem solve, procrastination, distractions, multitasking, and communication with colleagues and/or household members.

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