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Session Description & Objectives


This session will equip attendees with the knowledge regarding how to build professional relationships in the workplace and why it is important.  There will be an opportunity for reflection, discussion, and an assessment of how well attendees build relationships already.  There will also be multiple tips to guide attendees in better communicating with others as well as showing themselves as approachable.  The topics that will be highlighted throughout the session include:  defining interpersonal relationships, understanding the importance of building interpersonal relationships, understanding Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, understanding social involvement and diversity, and incorporating the tips provided in the workplace.  There will be an interactive activity to further practice the material presented.



Upon completion of this workshop attendees will be able to:

  • Define interpersonal relationships
  • Describe why interpersonal relationships are important
  • Describe Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and explain its importance with regard to building relationships
  • Apply the steps of problem solving and implement the steps in their lives
  • Describe and identify isolation and social exclusion
  • Determine which characteristics they currently possess in building interpersonal relationships and which areas they may need to improve
  • Describe diversity and explain how they view diversity
  • Identify five tips to build interpersonal relationships

Building Interpersonal Relationships Workshop

    • 1 Word document  (.doc) - Easily customizable for your organization
    • 1 Powerpoint document (.ppt) - Easily customizable for your organization
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