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Dr. Ricks Leads the LPW Day of Service

Updated: May 24, 2022



Leadership Prince William (LPW) is a nonprofit organization that serves to inform and empower leaders throughout the community. LPW was officially established in 2007 and offers scholarships, a youth program, a Signature Program, and more. There are many wonderful sponsors including: Micron, Comfort Keepers, Sentara, Tina and Juan Laguna, Youth for Tomorrow, Dominion Energy, etc.

Each class of the Signature Program is tasked with establishing and executing a class project. Dr. Ricks shared the idea of having Carried to Full Term (C2FT) as the focus of this year's class project after meeting the founder and presenting for the organization in 2021. C2FT is a nonprofit that helps homeless pregnant women seek shelter and rebuild their lives as they prepare to live on their own again. Mrs. Frances Robin is the founder of C2FT and she and her team were excited to learn that C2FT had been selected as the recipient of the Day of Service for LPW.

Dr. Ricks served as the project manager of the event and on the executive team which also consisted of: Tonja Ancrum, Darianella Baret, Stephanie Barnes, Margeaux Clark, & Lee Small.

The project was executed on Saturday, May 14, 2022. There were over 50 volunteers in attendance and with help from amazing sponsors and donors, we were able to:

  • Have concrete filled in several places throughout the property (Concrete work donated by Potomac Concrete)

  • Build a gazebo on a concrete slab with a picnic table build by hand and a peaceful wind chime (Wind chime donated by Wind River Chimes)

  • Provide a concrete fire pit with chairs surrounding the pit

  • Build multiple garden beds with petunias and magnolias with plants and hardware donated by Pitkins Hardware and Keep Prince William Beautiful

  • Paint the downstairs of the property

  • Place new furniture pieces such as a couch, coffee table, entertainment set, and more donated by Habitat for Humanity Manassas

  • Clean the entire house and organize spaces

  • Fulfill the needs of a complete Amazon wish list with lamps, curtains, rugs, organizers, and more

  • Free classes were provided for the mothers and the children by Micron's Zuzana Steen and other classes by Marcus Fields, Tonja Ancrum & ShaNita Nolan, & Mary Braxton,

  • Breakfast and lunch was sponsored by Micron Technologies, About Women, Chick-Fila-A, Glory Days, & Sentara

  • Discovery Publications, Inc. and Prince William Living Magazine advertised for the event in advance with beautiful, color ads

  • Photos were captured by professional photographer Don Flory

There will be some additional work that will take place at the property later this month, but what a massive amount we were able to accomplish in ONE day!

At the end of the day, the executive team recognized Dr. Ricks for her leadership throughout the project. It was such a fulfilling day to do something to help others, see the light sparkle in the eyes of all those in attendance, and feel the fullness of our hearts as we took in the breathtaking amount of work that was completed to better build the quality of life for others. This is a great example of what can be done when we, as a community, come together, put our resources together, pour our hearts into something, and take action.

LEADERS SERVE! Go Class of 2022!

If you would like to apply for the Class of 2023 LPW Signature Program, visit:

If you would like to donate to LPW:

If you would like to donate to C2FT:


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