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Welcome Spring with In-Person Workshops



Spring is here! The spread of COVID has decreased tremendously, masks mandates have been lifted, and many individuals are fully back to the workplace after a stressful two years filled with fear and unpredictability.

Now that we are back in the workplace, we may have to reacclimate to being around co-workers again when we may have gotten used to being alone in a room at home working and on virtual sessions with no webcams on. As you reacclimate to the workplace, consider some team building training, management training, leadership training, organization and "spring cleaning" training, appreciation in the workplace, and more. SBR Workplace Leadership Services offers in-person workshops as well as virtual workshops if that method is still preferred. See workshop offerings here:

Bring your team into spring with a strong start, ready to face the workplace, work with clients, work with the community, and meet new goals for 2022 to take your organization to the next level. Contact SBR at:



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