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Virtual Dementia Tour Testimonial


The virtual dementia tour (VDT) is a life changing experience for most who complete it. It is best suited for those who personally knows or works with someone who has dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, or the like. Once you complete the VDT, you will better understand the perspective of the patient and how to best work with them.

If you are a health health aide, caregiver, nurse, physician, or any type of healthcare practitioner, consider completing the VDT. You may schedule an in-person VDT for your team or you may complete the VDT in a virtual/remote capacity. You may select "Book Dr. Ricks" at or you may contact SBR Workplace Leadership Services at 571-492-4239.

There will be another VDT made available for anyone to join within the coming weeks. Stay tuned for the announcement of the date.


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