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Successful Network NOVA Event



As previously advertised, Network NOVA is an amazing group that keeps the local community up to date about what is happening throughout Northern Virginia. On Fri. April 15th, Dr. Ricks was one of the featured guest speakers with over 125 guests in attendance. It was an amazing session. The recap of the entire session is below as well as a direct link to Dr. Ricks' session.

DR. SABRINA RICKS (Author and Founder of SBR Workplace Leadership Services) is an expert on bullying. Dr. Ricks spoke to the epidemic of bullying, describing some of its many forms in the workplace, explaining why it's on the rise, and advising what we can do about it in our own lives and throughout society. Watch this segment LINKS

As Shared on the Friday Power Lunch RECAP Email

In order to contact Dr. Ricks for keynote addresses, workshops, curriculum design, coaching, or more, contact SBR Workplace Leadership Services at:



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