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SBR's New Article Released in Discovery Publications, Inc.



Many people have heard the saying that goes "see something, say something" but do you follow the recommendation? One in three employees witness mistreatment, bullying, and harassment in the workplace. What would you do if you witnessed someone being mistreated, bullied, and/or harassed? What would you want someone else to do if you were the victim or target of the bully or perpetrator? Do you even know where to begin? Whew!

There is much to consider and the article released by Discovery Publications, Inc. titled "Witnessing Workplace Bullying and How to Respond" will provide you with the preliminary guidance on what to do when you witness mistreatment at work. Read the article below (page 14):

If you want further guidance, coaching, and/or training on how to address workplace bullying contact SBR Workplace Leadership Services:



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