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PWCGBC - Dr. Ricks as a Speaker

Updated: Apr 19



How are you contributing to sustaining the environment? Keep Prince William Beautiful (KPWB) and the Prince William County Green Business Council (PWCGBC) held their 2024 annual conference in Woodbridge, VA this year. The event featured Dr. Cindy Smith (keynote) and GRN Talk speakers, Mayor Derrick Wood, KPWB executive director, Rico Fleshman, PWC president, Bob Sweeney, and SBR's very own, Dr. Sabrina Brandon Ricks.

There are so many ways to help sustain the planet and each one of us has to take action in order to see real change and improvement. For example, do you recycle, especially water bottles? If you do not, you will find that research reveals it can take over 1,000 years for a water bottle to photodegrade on landfills. Do your part and use reusable containers, avoid littering, participate in highway clean-ups and adopt-a-highway efforts, ride a bike to work, and more. There are many ways anyone can participate. This will lead to alleviating the fast pace of climate change, cleaning up our air, and cleaning up the planet we all live on.

Learn more about KPWB and the PWCGBC at and/or

If you want to learn more about leadership consulting and change management from Dr. Ricks, contact SBR Workplace Leadership Services:



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