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Overcoming Burnout



We are rounding out the first quarter of 2024. Many are at full speed at work with meeting deadlines, submitting reports, interviewing and hiring, creating strategy plans, and more. For some, you may be approaching the start of a new fiscal year. Have you stopped to check in with yourself lately? How are you feeling today? Are you getting enough rest? Are you eating a healthy diet? Are you exercising? Are you putting yourself in position to be your best self in the workplace? It is important to determine where you stand in regards to self care and mental health.

See the most recent article in Prince William Living magazine by Dr. Ricks concerning burnout in the "Workplace Leadership" column. Americans have long been known as workaholics but this type of behavior can lead to serious physical health issues, mental health challenges, interpersonal relationship issues and more. You do not want to overwork yourself because in the long-run, it does more harm than good.

Read the article here to see how you are holding up against burnout and learn tips to overcoming the burn:

If you have questions or would like to learn more about overcoming burnout and having healthier workplaces feel free to contact SBR Workplace Leadership Services for tips and guidance:


Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter!


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