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SBR Leadership Corner: Petty Personal Problems



Over the years, SBR Workplace Leadership Services has provided services for organizations across many industries, including government, healthcare, education, technology, non-profit, and more. Managers will sit with me and share that there are areas of unresolved conflict amongst employees and this creates overall tension, lack of motivation, and lack of production in the workplace.

I have had the opportunity to mediate these situations, train employees, provide workshops to role-play issues, and look at case studies for problem resolution. What is often found is that many issues start with something I have coined “petty personal problems (PPP)”. A PPP may present itself as the following (the names have been changed for privacy):

“Sally doesn’t speak to me when she comes into work each morning.”

“Terrell never invites me to lunch with the rest of the team.”

“I heard that Hector said something negative about me and my work performance.”

“Abdul doesn’t seem to like me and I don’t know why.”

A PPP starts off as a one-time slight and a situation that from the outside looking in, may not seem like it is worth discussing. Wrong. The bigger issues arise when these slights are repeated and multiple problems are experienced or presented by the same person. There are also times when others in the organization can see that someone is being singled out or “picked on” and others join in, which becomes mobbing. This is a not a good place for anyone in the organization to be and creates unnecessary stress that often affects work performance.

It is also these situations that when left unresolved can lead to disgruntled employees that are capable of creating chaos in the workplace (i.e. tension, creating further hostility amongst colleagues, violence, and more).

Contact SBR Workplace Leadership Services for workshops and trainings to prevent and resolve PPP in your organization. Save the organizational culture. Save your bottom line. You also may potentially save a life.

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