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PWL Article: Bullying Awareness Month



October is Bullying Awareness Month! Dr. Ricks has an article in the Workplace Leadership column on the Prince William Living webpage:

Unfortunately, more and more often are we hearing of cases of bullying in schools and not only in the workplace. People are experiencing a lot of stress from COVID and other avenues, thus the bitter attitudes and negative energy that is shared with others. We have to recognize bullying, as it is described in the article, address the bully, and help them find the assistance they need so they can put their energy into the right things. Bullies are simply people with misdirected anger and energy. Upon assistance and resolution for their internal challenges, they can become kinder and gentler individuals that others can get along with. This has to be a choice and not forced.

Take the first step today by stopping to recognize if you may be the bully.

  • Do you care how you make others feel? Why or why not?

  • Do you emphathize with others?

  • Do others tend to avoid you?

  • Do others have minimal to say to you?

  • Do you notice people** avoid eye contact with you?

  • Do people** talk quietly when they address you (as if not to make you mad)?

  • Is it your goal to make others cower when interacting with you? Why?

**People refers to the majority of those you interact with regularly.

These questions and acknowledgements are just some of the telltale signs to look for to determine if you may be a bully. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to feel comfortable discreetly approaching and addressing a bully, so if the bully can see signs in themselves, it could make a difference as not all bullies have intentions on being malicious. Too often, a poor childhood and a tough life can create an unintentional bully. If you determine you have bullied someone in particular, address the individual, apologize, and try to improve future interactions.

Additionally, pay attention to yourself and be confident enough to ask others how you come across to them and this could also open some avenues for you to explore. Be open to the feedback of others and avoid getting defensive but simply working to improve yourself and to make this a better world for all of us to live in.


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