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November Article in PWL Magazine



Are you a workaholic? Do you know when to stop working and relax? This can be tricky as the American standard has taught us for generations that work, work, and more work is the way to go and anything short of that is laziness. We have to be careful to strike a balance in our work lives and personal lives.

If we do not strike a careful balance with a work/life balance, we can reach burnout caused by stress. These stress inducing factors can lead to major health issues which could cause detriment to our ability to work at all. It is essential to listen to your body and know when to shut down for the day. An eight hour day may be expected, but do you really need to push for 10-hours, 12-hours, 14-hours, or more?

Take a look at the most recent article by Dr. Ricks in the Prince William Living magazine as a reminder to strike a healthy work/life balance:

Take care of yourselves!

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