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Networking Through the PW Chamber of Commerce



As the COVID numbers are decreasing and the world is reopening, SBR Workplace Leadership Services is also emerging back into the outside world. SBR participated in the Tuesday Tailgate event held by the Prince William Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, June 8, 2021. There was an amazing turn out of small businesses from around the county coming together to share with the community what they offer and serve.

SBR Workplace Leadership Services was in attendance and Dr. Ricks had the opportunity to network with many wonderful individuals. Also in attendance was:

Mr. Handyman

The UPS Store

Prince William Times

Infiniti Media Group

H&H Fire Protection

Manassas City Police Department

Northwest Federal Credit Union

and more!!

A raffle was held for a copy of Dr. Ricks' most recent publication (autobiography):

Bullied at Work... A Journey of Growth & Perseverance which is available for purchase at

There were three winners including:

Mr. Jerry Harrison of Apple Moving

Mrs. Susan Jacobs of Samson Properties

Mr. Zachary Vaughn of Emergent Home Care Services

Congratulations to the winners!!

SBR will continue to network and engage throughout the community. We hope to see you around. Subscribe to the website to stay updated on upcoming events and the like. Book a free consultation today to learn more about service providings that can help you improve the organizational culture in your workplace or experience individual executive coaching at


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