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Friday Power Lunch: April 15th



Network NOVA is an amazing entity that was developed in 2016 and offers the community a way to stay informed and connected. The Friday Power Lunch was introduced almost two years ago and offers a platform for the community to connect virtually to highlight individuals who are doing great things throughout the community.

SBR's very own Dr. Ricks is being highlighted on Friday, April 15th during the Friday Power Lunch segment among other amazing individuals in the community, including a teen group from rural Virginia. Dr. Ricks will discuss workplace bullying, cyberbullying, her book, and more. There will be audience participation and feel free to stay after the show for the "after chat" where you can interact directly with Dr. Ricks and the other presenters.

Become a patron to support the show at: Patron Checkout | Patreon

To attend the event, find the registration here: Meeting Registration - Zoom

Find past shows here:

Stay tuned to learn more about the upcoming annual 2022 Women's Summit.

Always feel free to connect to SBR Workplace Leadership Services at:



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