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Dr. Ricks Graduated from LPW



SBR Workplace Leadership Services was selected as one organization among many to be a part of the Leadership Prince William (LPW) Signature Program for the Class of 2022. Dr. Ricks represented the company and graduated on Thursday, June 9th. It was very exciting as the 10-month program was filled with meeting new leaders from across Prince William County and learning what truly makes the county thrive and gives it a heartbeat - its people and their love and passion for the place they work, live, and play. What an honor and pleasure it was for Dr. Ricks to have this experience and she will forever carry it with her in her future endeavors.

The experience was extra special because Dr. Ricks' and her team's proposal idea was chosen out of several. The entire class wholeheartedly adopted Carried to Full Term (C2FT) as their very own. It was a fun and rewarding experience to offer this amazing non-profit organization an extreme makeover. Founder, Frances Robin, and the C2FT team were a joy to work with and made the process easy.

Dr. Ricks also was the project lead for the C2FT LPW project and it was a great experience to work with the group in this capacity. It is exciting to see the amount of work that can be completed when people come together as well as the amount of money that can be raised.

Finally, Dr. Ricks was selected for the Class of 2022 Board of Regents to continue to serve with LPW and represent the entire class with leaders selected from previous classes to maintain the health and direction for the future of LPW. Dr. Ricks is quite excited and energized to take on this charge.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS to the LPW Class of 2022 and a special congratulations to Dr. Ricks!!


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