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Dr. Ricks Elected to LPW Board of Regents



SBR Workplace Leadership Services was selected to participate in the Leadership Prince William (LPW) Signature Program in 2021. Dr. Ricks is honored to have represented her company with this prestigious group of leaders from all over Prince William County.

As the program comes to a close, the class elects individuals to serve in different capacities as alumni. Dr. Ricks was elected by her class to serve on the Board of Regents for LPW as the Class of 2022 representative. She is honored, humbled, and elated by the wonderful opportunity and looks forward to working with amazing leaders from previous LPW classes, dating to the inception of the program.

The class liaisons elected by the class to keep the group connected moving forward are Kara Pitek and Mike Stoupa.

The class commencement is being held on Thursday, June 9th for the Class of 2022 in Woodbridge, VA. The commencement speaker elected by the class is Donna Flory.

If you have an interest in participating in the LPW Signature Program Class of 2023, apply at:

CONGRATULATIONS to all graduates of the Leadership Prince William Signature Program Class of 2022!!!


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