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Discovery Pubs Article: Workplace Etiquette



Too many workplaces have lost something...etiquette. There is a certain way one should interact with colleagues, managers, customers, and other stakeholders within the organization and interactions have become too lackadaisical. There are fewer greetings, less formal emails, less eye contact, less motivation to perform job duties, and overall, less professionalism. Having etiquette in the workplace is something that is taught and practiced over time and if it is not taught, new hires enter the workplace at a level in which hinders growth and maximizes the potential of being terminated.

The most recent article in Discovery Publications, written by Dr. Ricks, addresses the concerns with improper etiquette in the workplace and how to present oneself to be best received in a professional work environment by all stakeholders. Read the article here:

If you are interested in training or a workshop concerning how to improve workplace etiquette for your team, contact SBR Workplace Leadership Services:



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