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Discovery Publications, Inc. November 2021 Article: Conflict Resolution in the Workplace



Discovery Publications is based in Fauquier County and provides a complimentary newspaper for Fauquier County and Prince William County. The company is led by publisher, Mrs. Kathy Harper, and is offered monthly to the community in print and online. The newspaper allows you to stay connected to the community, learn about new events, products, and services, and learn about the great things citizens are doing throughout the community. There is so much provided in this publication.

Dr. Ricks has a new article published in the Discovery Publications, Inc. newspaper for November, entitled "Conflict Resolution in the Workplace". This article was co-written with her stepson, David Ricks. This is David's debut as a published writer and he is well on his way to providing more great work in the future.

Peace and harmony in the workplace is necessary for true growth and success in organizations. Conflict arises in any environment but how you handle it makes all the difference in the outcome and the climate of the atmosphere for the future. Check out the article. If there are questions, concerns, or the desire for training, workshops, etc., feel free to contact SBR at the contact information below.

Check out the article and the entire paper at the following link:



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