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Certified Facilitator in Appreciation Training


When is the last time you made your employees feel appreciated? Did you have a group gathering and give everyone a certificate and free donuts? That would actually be recognition and it is not the same as appreciation. There is so much to really learn about appreciation.

Dr. Ricks has become a certified facilitator with the guidance of Dr. Paul White and Dr. Gary Chapman, the creators of the five languages of appreciation in the workplace. You may be familiar with The 5 Love Languages book, written by Dr. Chapman. The languages of appreciation in the workplace are detailed in a similar regard but specifically as it relates to working with employees, colleagues, and more.

According to Drs. Chapman and White (2019), one study found that 79% of employees who choose to quit their jobs do so because of lack of appreciation. Wow! This is a startling statistic that raises the awareness that everyone is not only focused on a paycheck when they choose to work somewhere. It is up to the employer to determine what the employee really needs to be at their best.

Let SBR Workplace Leadership Services help you get on the right path to ensuring your employees are getting what they need to operate at their best, treat your customers and clients and well, and to grow and develop your organization. Contact us here:



Chapman, G. & White, P. (2019). The 5 languages of appreciation in the workplace: Empowering organizations by encouraging people. Northfield Publishing.


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