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Carried to Full Term: Successful Jazz on the Lawn Event



Carried to Full Term is a non-profit organization in Prince William County that provides housing to homeless women and expecting mothers. Aside from housing, they offer many additional resources, such as food, healthcare, and more.

The founder and executive director is Mrs. Frances Robin who leads a wonderful staff and group of volunteers. The Jazz on the Lawn event is an annual fundraiser and was recently held on Sept. 25, 2021 to help bring awareness to and raise money for this great cause. There were guest speakers, Dr. Sabrina B. Ricks, Ms. Beverley Boothe, and Mrs. Letty Cintron-Patterson, who each shared useful information about life for the homeless and how Carried with Full Term is providing a great service to many individuals in need.

Mrs. Robin will be spotlighted for the upcoming Community Conversation led by Prince William County Community Foundation in November. Stay tuned for more information to the learn more about this transformational non-profit and how you can help.

Contact for questions or concerns or call 571-492-4239.

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