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Experiencing civility has been a challenge on all fronts in daily encounters in life these days. However, it does not have to be, especially in the workplace. Dr. Sabrina Brandon Ricks has experienced uncivil behavior, otherwise known as workplace bullying, firsthand. Learn more about what the behaviors look like and how you can stand up against this demeaning and immoral behavior. You will become stronger on the other side of this situation.

One key element is to address the issue as early as possible. Once you recognize that you feel uncomfortable with the way someone is treating you, initiate a one-on-one conversation. The longer one allows a perpetrator to take advantage of them or mistreat them, the more aggressive they will become. it is essential to build healthy boundaries, stand up for yourself, use your voice, walk away when necessary, and let bullies know that you will not accept poor behavior. This behavior can become quite dangerous when left unaddressed and escalation occurs.

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To learn more about workplace bullying and healthy growth and development in the workplace, contact SBR Workplace Leadership Services.

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