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Boss Ladies Boot Camp Success



The Boss Ladies Entrepreneur Bootcamp held on Saturday, January 14, 2023 was an outstanding event! Dr. Allison Smith (Dr. Allie) served as the host and moderator for the event. It was held at the Northern Virginia Community College Woodbridge Campus.

The panelists and breakout speakers included:

Dr. Sabrina Brandon Ricks

Kristal King

Dr. Artaisha Jenkins

Mariah Bailey

These ladies represented organizations that offer a variety of services and businesses and they each started out completely on their own. During the panel and breakouts, the speakers shared tips and takeaways to ensure that anyone who has a idea, sees a gap, or recognizes an opportunity has the courage to seize the moment and step into entrepreneurship.

The speakers also were very transparent regarding obstacles and challenges they faced to get started and to remain in business. Becoming an entrepreneur is not an overnight creation and requires discipline, sacrifice, finances, and more. Continue to follow Dr. Allie on her website and social media pages to learn about future events or schedule a consult with her:


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