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On Friday, March 25, 2022, Dr. Ricks was asked to serve as the guest speaker and author for NOVA's History Book Club. NOVA's History Book Club is a club led by history instructor, Nathaniel Green, and an exclusive place for faculty and staff to meet to discuss topics from a historical prospective that impact our society. Workplace bullying is one of those topics and Dr. Ricks shared details about her book, Bullied at Work...A Journey of Growth & Perseverance.

There was a detailed conversation about current events and the presence and influence of workplace bullying. Unfortunately, all too often bullies use intimidation and manipulation tactics in the workplace and throughout many facets of life to control and take power from others. Dr. Ricks teaches employees how to rise above toxic behaviors and find healthier organizational cultures in which individuals can thrive and grow in their professional development.

The book is on sale on the SBR Workplace Leadership website and can be purchased for $10.00 off with promo code SPRING22 through April 7th. Get your copy today!

To book Dr. Ricks for your office conference and/or training needs, contact SBR Workplace Leadership Services at:



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