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SBR Article in Discovery Pubs



Times are tough for many individuals as we loom around a recession and are still recovering from the affects of COVID. It can be easy to slip into a negative mindset and lessen attempts to grow and develop in many areas. However, all is not lost. There are many things we have learned from the events we have endured and we can collectively more forward in a more positive way. There is the old saying that once you have reached the bottom, the only way out is up and yes, we are climbing up as a society. Up is the way to go. Up is the goal. There are great things to come as we move UP!

Be the light to fill the dark void that may lie in front of someone you know. It could be a coworker, a friend, a relative, or a stranger you just bumped into. There are plenty of ways to shed light for those around you and several suggestions are made in the recent article released by Dr. Ricks in the Discovery Publications newspaper:

See the full newspaper and the article here.

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