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New Article In PWL Magazine - The Hybrid Workplace



Prince William Living Magazine is a lifestyle magazine that highlights the people, businesses, and community connections throughout Prince William County, Virginia. The magazine is led by publisher, Rebecca Barnes, who was just recognized as a 2021 Educator Award recipient during American Education Week last week. Rebecca is an amazing leader who wears many hats throughout the community and is passionate and effective in each role she serves in.

Subscribe to Prince William Living Magazine which available in print and on-line monthly for only $20/annually:

Dr. Ricks, of SBR Workplace Leadership Services, is honored to have an online column on the Prince William Living webpage entitled "Workplace Leadership" which highlights articles monthly that speak to dealings in the workplace, how to manage, and how to lead. The November article is here for your reading pleasure about "The Hybrid Workplace":

Direct questions or concerns regarding organization, management, and leadership training, workshops, and curriculum design (in-person and/or virtual) to:


We look forward to working with you!


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