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LPW Emerging Leaders Program



Dr. Ricks, president of SBR Workplace Leadership Services, is a graduate of the Leadership Prince William (LPW) Signature Program from the Class of 2022. The Signature Program offers the opportunity for leaders across the County and across industries to come together for a 10-month program to sharpen their leadership skills and learn more about the intricate leadership roles throughout the community.

In addition to the LPW Signature Program is the Emerging Leaders program which offers the opportunity for new and emerging leaders to learn more about leadership skills and development by many leaders in the community.

Dr. Ricks was honored to serve as a session leader for the Emerging Leaders Class of 2023. It was a great day of digging into the toolbox to sharpen the leadership skills that many already possess as well as adding to the toolbox with tools that will help upcoming leaders be the best they can be.

If you have an interest about learning more about either of these programs or applying, see the websites below:

Signature Program:

Emerging Leaders Program:

LPW has an upcoming Evening of Excellence to be held on July 6th. It will be a great time and will help the non-profit raise monies to keep offering great programs like Signature Program and Emerging Leaders. To learn more visit:

Feel free to contact SBR Workplace Leadership Services if you seek training, workshops, curriculum design, or more regarding leadership in the workplace.



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