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LPW Casino Royale



Leadership Prince William (LPW) has many exciting opportunities on the horizon. Dr. Ricks, president of SBR Workplace Leadership Services, is a proud graduate of 2022 and sits on the Board of Regents. SBR Workplace Leadership Services fully supports LPW, the programs offered, and the events they provide.

Currently, LPW is accepting applications for the Class of 2024 Signature Program. Applications close on June 30th. This is an amazing 10-month program that brings together leaders that live and/or work in Prince William County and offers you the opportunity to learn more about the place you work and/or live than you ever thought possible. You will meet phenomenal people, go to meaningful places, make lifelong connections with new friends, and potentially expand your business reach. There are many advantages to being a part of this unique and exclusive community of people.

Sign up today for this exclusive opportunity:

Additionally, LPW is hosting an Evening on Excellence Casino Royale on Thurs. July 6th. This is an fun fundraising and networking opportunity. See the details at the links below, become a sponsor, and get your tickets. SBR Workplace Leadership Services is a sponsor for this event and will have representation at the event.

This event is being dedicated to LPW member, Patrick King, who recently passed and was instrumental in the planning and implementation process.

Rest in peace Patrick King


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