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Leading Through Summer Months



Working at all, much less, leading through summer months can be challenging. Most of the children are out of school for the summer, families are vacationing and traveling, pools are open and overflowing with patrons, and the "wind down" feeling of summer can make one feel lax, foggy, and dazed. However, workplaces must still function at full capacity, goals must be met, operations must continue on, and customers must be served. How can leaders keep the workplace motivating and functioning at a top-notch level during the summer?

See the most recent article written by Dr. Ricks in Prince William Living magazine online entitled "Leading Through the Summer Months". The article is highlighted in the "Workplace Leadership" column which Dr. Ricks has been writing for over three years. Check out this article as well as several of her previous articles.

Find article here:

If you would like to learn more, have a training and/or workshop about leadership and management skills, contact SBR Workplace Leadership Services:



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