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Harassment Class Offering



Do you really know what harassment is? How is harassment defined by law? What about sexual harassment? Have you experienced discrimination? How do you determine if you have experienced these behaviors in the workplace? What do you do about it? The discrimination, harassment, and sexual harassment workshop can help you answer these questions and more.

If your organization has not hosted a training to ensure your employees are accurately defining these behaviors and responding accordingly, you may want to consider adopting this workshop as a part of the professional development requirements.

The workshop curriculum is available as a prepackaged course that your human resources team can deliver or you may choose to hire SBR Workplace Leadership Services to provide the training for you. Either way, ensure that your employees are not confused about how to recognize these behaviors and protect themselves and your organization. Otherwise, you may face expensive lawsuits, lose valuable employees, taint the reputation of the company, and potentially lose customers and other key stakeholders as well.

Hire SBR Workplace Leadership Services by using any of the following:



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