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Happy New Year from SBR!



Happy New Year! The new year is always an exciting time for a fresh start and to set off towards new and motivating goals. SBR Workplace Leadership Services has new and bright opportunities that will be set in motion throughout 2023. Continue to follow the emails and blogs to stay current on ventures and engagements led by the company president, Dr. Ricks.

Within the coming days, stay tuned for the upcoming new year's article by Dr. Ricks in the Prince William Living magazine entitled "New Year, New You" and uncover tips to help you sustain your goals throughout the full length of the year.

As long as we learn from one year to the next, we get better with time. Do not allow your growth to be stunted by thinking you have reached some final level in life and can no longer learn anymore. This is not true no matter your age or stage in life. Keep an open mind, keep learning, keep growing, and keep becoming a better version of you! Happy New Year - 2023 will be all that you make it!


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