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Employee Engagement Surveys



How do you perceive the workplace environment when you report for work daily? Are you comfortable with your supervisor, those in upper management, co-workers, and/or others at your place of employment? Are you happy in the workplace overall? Do you see yourself remaining with this organization for the next 6 months, year, or longer? If not, then why? Offering employee engagement surveys can help provide employers with the answers to these questions and can help the upper echelon of the organization and other stakeholders with strategizing, planning, and charting a way forward.

It is essential to offer employee exit interviews as well as ongoing surveys during the length of employment. An organization may choose to offer these surveys semi-annually, annually, or more frequently depending on how dire negativity is in the workplace. A popular form of employee engagement surveys in the 360 degree feedback survey. You can also hire a consultant to develop and customize a survey for your team.

The feedback could offer recommendations for many ways to improve productivity, minimize workplace politics, improve communication, find training opportunities, find the need for other resources, and ulitimately minimize the risk of turnover due to disgruntled employees whose needs have never been addressed. There are so many opportunities for positive turnaround from these surveys.

Check out Dr. Ricks' most recent article in Prince William Living magazine:

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