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Discovery Publications Recognizes Dr. Ricks



Discovery Publications, Inc. is a newspaper made available online and in-print in Fauquier and Prince William Counties. They are an award winning newspaper led by publisher, Kathy Harper. They have been in print for 32 years!

It is a great honor for Dr. Ricks, president of SBR Workplace Leadership Services, to be recognized by Discovery Publications for being one of the top 20 overachievers in the nation by Pilot Pen's G2 Overachiever Committee. Nancy Griffin-Bonnaire interviewed Dr. Ricks and wrote an amazing article highlighting her accomplishments and views of those who attested to her engagement in the community.

Many thanks to Discovery Publications, Inc. and their wonderful staff!

Consider running an ad in Discovery Publications next monthly edition:

If you have an interest in a consultation on workplace issues, a need for a workshop on various workplace concerns and areas for growth and development, or more relating to the workplace, contact SBR at:



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