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CTFT: Successful Women's Conference



Carried To Full Term hosted an amazing women's conference during women's history month called Breaking Cycles. It was a full day of sessions emphasizing reflection, self-care, support, inspiration, healing trauma, support, empowerment, and more. There was food, vendors, a panel discussion, swag bags, and more!

The CTFT conference was graced with an array of wonderful speakers, including:

Mayor Michelle Davis-Younger

Dr. Joann Harris

Councilwomen Mary Ramirez

Singer Emma G.

Pastor Tiffani Fields

Ms. Heidi Henyon

Mayor Tracy Lynn Pater

Ms. Rebecca Barnes

Ms. Leslie Morgan Steiner

...and the list goes on and on! The master of ceremonies was Mrs. Frances Robin. It was truly an awe inspiring day! The photos tell it all!

Join us next time. Stay tuned for upcoming excitement from Carried To Full Term. If you would like to donate to this great cause and/or buy a t-shirt from the event (all proceeds go to the cause) and provide long-term housing for homeless and pregnant, visit the website today:

SBR Workplace Leadership Services supports corporate social responsibility and believes in non-profit organizations and the great things they do throughout the community.


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