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Chapter by Dr. Ricks in a Newly Released Book



IGI Publication has released a new book entitled Research Anthology on Combating Cyber-Aggression and Online Negativity that was released in March 2022. As Dr. Ricks has highlighted in her research, cyberbullying is a phenomenon that has plagued schools and workplaces around the country for far too long. The impacts of this electronic menace has had devastating effects on young people and adults alike. Bullying of any type can lead to depression, suicidal ideation, retaliation, lost production, lost revenues, and more.

The global research anthology is over 1,600 pages, contains 83 chapters, and highlights researchers from all over the world. The chapter Dr. Ricks contributed to this body of work is called “Understanding Cyberbullying and Where We Go From Here”. It can be found at

You can request to have the book and/or chapter added to your school or local library at

You can book Dr. Ricks to provide training, workshops, keynotes, or curriculum design on the topic of cyberbullying. It will continue to impact schools and workplaces moving forward if it goes unaddressed. Get ahead of this damaging behavior now to keep your school and workplace free of this behavior and a place of production, satisfaction, and an exciting place to be. Book today at:



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