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VCCA Conference Speaker on Gen Z



The Virginia Community College Association (VCCA) recently held its 39th annual conference in Richmond, Virginia. The theme of this year's conference was The Heartbeat of Virginia. Dr. Ricks was pleased to be selected as one of the conference speakers. Her session was about collaborating with Generation Z in the classroom.

Dr. Ricks has taught for various organizations for over the past 10 years. The world of education has evolved immensely over that time span and one of the many changes is the emergence of Generation Z in the classroom. This generation was born between 1995 and 2010 and are the top percentage of college students today. Based on this information, it is imperative to ensure they are being reached in the classroom in a a way they can grasp and retain the material. There are more distractions in today's classroom than ever before so in order for an educator to reach this group, they must be entertaining.

Dr. Ricks has completed research on Generation Z and how they best learn. She has also researched how they adjust and adapt to workplace settings. Much of these results were shared in this presentation for the VCCA. What was most validating was following the presentation, there were two individuals from Generation Z who approached Dr. Ricks and thanked her for accurately describing them. They felt heard, acknowledged, and recognized. This was quite pleasing for Dr. Ricks to learn. Apparently, the research is reliable and valid.

The research will not stop. There is still so much to learn about this group as well as the up and coming Generation A group that was born 2011-present. Stay tuned for more great information focused on how to help Generation Z succeed as they will dominate the workforce within the next decade.

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