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The Future of Your Profession



Have you considered if the position you currently hold will exist in 5 years?  7 years?  10 years?  This is a stark reality for many whose positions may be threatened by advances in technology such as artificial intelligence.  It is essential to see if you can utilize artificial intelligence as a colleague opposed to a competitor in order to avoid seeing jobs be phased out.

See the newest article written by Dr. Ricks regarding which industries will sustain through this shift in technological advances and which are threatened.  It is not too late for anyone to make a career transition if this is what one chooses.  You may need to go back to school for a certification and/or an additional degree.  Education has no limits regarding who can learn so seek resources if you would like to return to school.

Find the article published on the Prince William Living magazine website in the "Workplace Leadership" column:   

If you have questions or would like to learn more about transitioning in your career feel free to contact SBR Workplace Leadership Services for tips and guidance:



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