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The Future of Remote Work



Entering the throes of a COVID world in 2020 swiftly led us to the strong introduction of remote work. Although, COVID has subsided, remote work is here to stay. Based of the article recently released by Dr. Ricks, in Prince William Living magazine, approximately 50% of college students desire to work remotely upon graduation.

Hiring new employees who will work remotely can be difficult to navigate. You may not have a basis to judge how effective they may be working outside of the workplace. You will have to trust that they are responsible and accountable and will effectively get the necessary work completed.

Read the article by Dr. Ricks that provides guidance for candidates and recruiters:

Check out the full November issue of Prince William Living:

To learn more about the world of remote work and how to best hire employees for this charge, contact SBR Workplace Leadership Services:



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