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PWL: Cultural Competency in the Workplace



According to research completed by the University of Kansas, it is more likely than not that you work with individuals who have a different cultural make up than you do. There is nothing wrong with that. Where this can become an issue is if one individual projects an ethnocentric viewpoint and refuses to learn from and about others. Multiculturalism is the desired behavior which is the ability to be open, flexible, and supportive of those who are unlike you. This is a key strategy in the workforce today.

In an article released by Dr. Ricks on the Prince William Living magazine" Workplace Leadership" column called "Cultural Competency in the Workplace", you will find tools to build cultural competency and have healthier workplaces where your employees work well with one another regardless of background.

Find the article here and follow Dr. Ricks on this column where pertinent articles are released monthly that reflect current events that impact workplaces throughout the country:

For additional trainings on cultural competency or for consultations for manager and leaders, contact SBR Workplace Leadership Services:



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