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Human Trafficking Awareness



Human trafficking is far from being a novel topic however, it has increased significantly over the past decade and is gaining greater attention. In many cases, the media can make it seem "normal" or even in some cases, expected. To be clear, the Virginia Office of the Attorney General describes human trafficking as recruiting and transporting individuals using the threat of violence, manipulation, and abduction in order to exploit one by forced labor or sexual services.

Generation Z (those born between 1995 and 2010) are at a great risk for being trafficked, but there are certainly individuals outside of this age range that are sought as well. Victims can include any gender, regardless of socioeconomic status or national origin. Victims are many times targeted and preyed upon for weeks before actually being taken and sold into this lifestyle.

Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery that tends to appeal in some ways to those who do not know the extent to the behaviors they will be asked to partake in. Many children and young adults are running from abusive homes and believe they are moving into a better life. They do not realize the reality behind the new world they are entering until it is often too late and difficult to leave the situation safely. Learn more in the article written by Dr. Ricks in Discovery Publications. Inform the young people in your life so they can spot the dangers before it is too late.

Discovery Publications Article:

Work with SBR Workplace Leadership Services to bring awareness to your group about the atrocities of human trafficking:



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