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Dr. Ricks is One of Five Influential Women in Prince William County for 2021



Exactly as featured in the Prince William Living magazine for March 2021 by Rena Malai:

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. For Dr. Sabrina Brandon Ricks, this meant turning her experiences of being bullied at work into SBR Workplace Leadership Services. This full-fledged business in Prince William helps guide companies to prevent, deter and eliminate issues regarding workplace bullying. Ricks also offers leadership and management training for the most effective workplace practices.

“SBR Workplace Leadership Services is celebrating five years in existence (since December 2015),” Ricks said. “Despite the challenges due to the (COVID-19) pandemic, we’ve shifted the organization to virtual and began to offer sessions and trainings via video conference.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg for Ricks. She serves as an adjunct professor for Northern Virginia Community College, where she teaches about business and public service and student development. She also serves as a part of the COVID-19 Response Team with the Prince William County Community Foundation, serving as the Executive Director and on the front lines while distributing food to nearly 40 school sites.

Additionally, Ricks is approaching her 10-year anniversary as a member of the Occoquan-Woodbridge-Lorton Volunteer Fire Department where she is serving in her fifth year as the department election officer. She also teaches fire history and safety as well as harassment, bullying and hazing prevention classes. Ricks serves on the International Fire Chief’s Association Workplace Bullying and Violence Taskforce to create classes to prevent workplace bullying.

“I greatly enjoy serving the community and the department by teaching, training and encouraging,” she said.

Ricks likes to push beyond limits, whether they’re personal or professional. She was diagnosed with hearing loss 10 years ago, and was prompted to wear hearing aids. In 2020, she was told her hearing had declined and she would now qualify as a cochlear implant candidate. Despite the setback and her hectic schedule — which includes being a wife and stepmother — Ricks is deeply committed to helping others and making the community a better place. “I will fight until the end to positively impact the world as much as possible while I can,” she said.

Visit the link below to see the magazine:


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Tiffany Bennett
Tiffany Bennett

So very proud of you!

Dr. Ricks
Dr. Ricks

Thank you so much! I appreciate it.

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