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Book Press Release in Discovery Publications Inc.


Here's a story: I received a phone call on Friday from someone I hadn't met. She asked how she could purchase my book. We conversed for a while and I told her how to do so. At the end of the call, I asked her how she found out about me and the book. She shared that she had seen it in the Fauquier paper. At the moment, I had no idea what she was talking about but I thanked her and left her to enjoy the rest of her day.

The very next day, I received and read the Discover Publications, Inc. Fauquier paper and to my sincere surprise there was a press release about my book that I didn't know had been written! Thank you, Discovery Publications, Inc., Mrs. Kathy Harper, and her entire team for such a kind gesture! The press release is amazing and I truly appreciate it. I'll be visting the team later this week for in-person thanks!

Check out the Discovery Pubs site below:


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