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Initial Consultation

The initial consultation consists of a presentation of services provided as well as a discussion of your needs and wants.  At the completion of this session, you will have a better idea of which services may be best for your organization or personal use.  Finally, a formal proposal will be typed and submitted for your review as well.  Services can be customized to fit your needs.

Policies & Procedures

With an employee handbook in place, SBR can review the handbook to ensure required policies are in place.  Although workplace bullying and workplace cyberbullying are not required by federal law, SBR can create policies with your input and guide you with implementing policies and procedures in your workplace.  If these is no handbook at all, SBR can also assist you with developing a handbook for adherence by employees.


Assessments allow employers to determine employees feel working for a particular organization.  SBR can create an online assessment for you where participants can share information anonymously.  Assessments can also be completed in-person on a one-on-one or small group basis to learn about concerns and areas of improvement in a given organization.  This information will provide the foundation for which direction an organization may choose to focus. 


Training sessions and workshops will allow employees of all levels within an organization to gain education on new material, be refreshed on existing material, or taught to adhere to major changes within an organization.  Training sessions or workshops are offered in-person or online synchronous.  Sessions can also be pre-recorded and provided as well.  Sessions may be 30 minutes in length, one hour, a half day, or a multiple day conference.  Sessions may be offered once only, weekly, biweekly, monthly, semimonthly, annually, or otherwise.  Length and frequency of sessions and/or workshops is customizable.

Mediation Sessions/Support Group Sessions

Organizations that have conflict and would like mediation services can receive those.  Sessions may be dispersed over a period of time depending on the needs of the organization.  A consultation is necessary to determine the extent of the mediation.  The session can be completed in-person or virtually. 

Additionally, support group services are available for health care facilities that would like to provide support to families whose loved ones are on lockdown due to COVID-19 restrictions.  Family members can derive support from SBR as well as the other members of the community.  These services are offered virtually.

Virtual Dementia Tour

This is an in-person immersion into the life of a person who suffers from dementia.  This real world experience is set up in a room within your organization and supplies are provided to allow you, family, caregivers, team members, etc. have a firsthand experience of what it is like to “walk in the shoes” of someone who have dementia.  Following the tour, there is a group debriefing to dissect and discuss the experience.  This is helpful to those who have family members or friends who suffer from dementia and want to learn more about the disease and the experience.

Keynote Speaker

If you are hosting an event and would like a keynote speaker in the area of organization, management, leadership, pedagogy, healthcare, and more, you can contact SBR directly to schedule a speaking arrangement.  You can view the lists of sessions available.  You will coordinate with SBR to determine if there are travel, boarding, or other arrangements that need to be considered for a speaking engagement.  Keynote speaking can take place in-person or via online means.

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