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Who Are We?

SBR Workplace Consultation Services was established to help organizations prevent, deter, and eliminate issues related to workplace bullying. The workplace should be a safe and productive environment for all employees. Each individual deserves respect, equality, and a voice. SBR Workplace Consultation Services helps create the same rights for each employee.

This organization was established by Dr. Sabrina Brandon Ricks, who holds a doctorate degree in organization and management with a leadership specialization. Dr. Ricks has completed extensive research on workplace bullying as well as an independent study on witnessing workplace bullying. She also researched the impact of workplace bullying on organizational culture, leadership, and unsafe environments. Dr. Ricks has developed a simple model to guide witnesses and victims regarding how to address the phenomenon. Finally, Dr. Ricks serves as an adjunct professor in the business and student development departments at Northern Virginia Community College.

SBR Workplace Consultation Services offers consulting for the upper echelons of the organization, focusing on top executives, management and leadership, because change must start at the top in order to be effective. All employees should be trained to adhere to the policies and procedures arranged by top executives in order to see positive change permeate throughout the workplace. Additionally, we provide expertise in preventing harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, and hazing.

Dr. Ricks also hosts and serves as a speaker at women’s empowerment events and business workshops open to all throughout the year. Dates and registration information will be made available via the newsletter. “Workplace Consulting News” is a monthly newsletter that will provide advice to businesses in the areas of organization, management, and leadership. If you would like to subscribe to receiving the newsletter, forward your name, company name, and email address to


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