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We Help Organizations Reshape Their Workplace Culture



Dr. Ricks creates policies and procedures to help deter and prevent workplace bullying. She hosts educational leadership workshops throughout the year as well.

The workplace should be a safe and productive environment for all employees. Each individual deserves respect, equality, and a voice. SBR Workplace Leadership Services helps establish the same rights for each employee.

SBR Workplace Leadership Services offers leadership consulting for the upper levels of management because change starts at the top. All employees are trained to adhere to policies and procedures designed by management. Additionally, SBR Workplace Leadership Services provides expertise in preventing harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, and hazing.

If you want to create an even playing field within your organization where respect and fairness are at the forefront of each employee interaction and behavior as they perform their day to day work responsibilities, then SBR Workplace Leadership Services is the best choice for you.

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Training workbooks by Dr. Ricks will provide new relevant content and presentations for your organization.  Download one today for your company's next session.

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Dr. Ricks specializes in training workshops that will improve your entire organization.