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Youth Suicide Prevention Home Study Course



Suicide rates have risen in recent years among adolescents to the second leading cause of death in the United States. Although there have been multiple interventions introduced since 2010, one of the newest forms of intervention is via text message. In a society where advancements in technology develop daily, electronic means of assistance within the mental health field has grown. Additionally, the lockdowns falling the COVID-19 provided an opportunity for mental health organizations to determine that telehealth and remote communication was doable and, in some cases, preferred. Texting is an easy way for individuals to communicate and the patient may be more likely to open up while texting a message instead of in a face-to-face setting. During this three-hour session join mental health professionals and educators to learn more about how texting can deter and prevent suicide among adolescents.

This webinar is taught by Dr. Sabrina B. Ricks and will offer the opportunity to review four case studies, informative dialogue about the use of texting in intervening, and opportunities to become an advocate to help suicidal individuals. An agenda will be shared with detailed information regarding the specific topics that will be covered, a list of texting resources will be made available, and access to the PowerPoint slides will be shared. Finally, you will earn 3 CE credits upon the completion of a quiz at the end of the program.

The webinar is $75.00 and is self-paced.


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