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Beyond the Resolution



So we are near the end of January...have you remained true to your New Year's resolution? Changing habits can be quite challenging and many sources state that new actions require 21 consecutive days of repetition to sustain. Granted most changes that are sought are primarily personal goals that require action in your free time. What about workplace changes? How easy or hard is it to make changes in how you interact in the workplace?

Read the most recent article by Dr. Ricks in the Prince William Living magazine "Workplace Leadership" column to learn more about how to revive your commitment to your workplace and improve those interactions in this new year. Hopefully these commitments can sustain beyond January but throughout the remainder of the year and as lifelong changes during your continued employment.

Inevitably, we face new obstacles, new challenges, and require a new vantage point. Why not present a new you, a refreshed employee, and a rejuvenated outlook in the workplace? The success of the organization you represent may depend on it.

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